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New Arrivals

Waterloo, QC:271 arrived 2009-08

Waterloo, QC:671 arrived 2009-07

Brampton, ON:SQ 201 arrived June 2008

Casselman, ON:Rescue 5 arrived

Prescott, ON:10 arrived 2008

Mirabel, QC:343 arrived 2007

Montreal, QC: arrived 2007

Alliston (Honda), ON:P1 arrived

Gatineau, QC: arrived May 2006

Cornwall, ON:A1 arrived

Sorel-Tracy, QC:205 arrived 2005-03-14

Ste-Therese, QC:521 arrived October 2005

Ottawa, ON:Pump 23 arrived 2005

Gatineau, QC:404 arrived 2005

Ottawa, ON:Ladder 13 arrived

Toronto, ON:Squad 232 arrived

Toronto, ON:Pumper 131 arrived

Toronto, ON:High Rise 332 arrived

Institut de Protection des Incendies du Quebec, QC:209 arrived December 2004

Institut de Protection des Incendies du Quebec, QC:301 arrived Novumber 2004

Granby, QC:65 arrived

Riviere-Beaudette, QC:518 arrived

Gananoque, ON:Ladder 2 arrived

Gatineau, QC:205 arrived 2004

Drummondville, QC:201 arrived 2002

Napanee, ON:5-3 arrived

Perth, ON:No. 11 arrived May 27, 2004

St-Philippe St-Mathieu, QC:228 arrived March 2003

St-Remi, QC:229 arrived 2003

St-Jean, QC:228 arrived 2003

Chateauguay, QC:420 arrived December 2003

Shawinigan, QC:211 arrived September 2003

Rouses Point, NY:E-303 arrived 2004-01

Antique Apparatus

1933 American LaFrance V12


Over the years there have been a number of companies which have built apparatus for fire departments and many persons have gathered historical information together and many others have preserved the apparatus themselves.

One of these companies is the Bickle Fire Engine Company which started in Winnipeg as the R.S. Bickle Company which built horse-drawn apparatus. Ed Hass has written an article about the Bickle Fire Engine Company of Woodstock, Ontario.  Bickle was the Canadian licensee for Ahrens-Fox and so theer were a number of custom Bickle-Ahrens-Fox apparatus built..Bickle also built apparatus on commercial chassis.  Among the commercial chassis used were those built by Gotfredson of Winnipeg.  Walt McCall has also written an account of the Bickle company for the Ontario Fire buffs Association.

The Canadian Fire Truck Archive has attempted to gather together information about the history of various Canadian manufacturers of fire trucks and is both a useful and interesting site.

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