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Firefighters at Champ Car Series

Text and photos by Stéphane Trottier
Translation from French by James R. Hay

As in each of the last three years about 50 firefighters from all corners of the province were present August 28 weekend at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

These persons were volunteers under the supervision of Chief Denis Picard for the Champ Car series and other series such as Formula 1600, Atlantic, Touring and even something new this year, the superbikes joined the party.

From 6:00 in the morning to 19:00 all the personnel were in the pits or along the track to protect the drivers, such as Carpentier, Tagliani, Tracy, Andrew Ranger of the Atlantic series etc..

Bravo to those who work voluntarily from year to year on the race weekends in good weather and bad. Don't forget all the other workers such as tow operators, signallers, rescue, ambulance technicians etc..

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