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New Firefighters inaugurated in Montreal.

Text and Photos by Sylvain Ryan
Translation from French by James R. Hay

It was an emotional evening in the Jean-Grimaldi room of the CEGEP André-Laurendeau in Montreal on June 6, 2005. There were 127 firefighters to be given their badges by parents or those close to them who are already in the service in Montréal. Among them were Jean-Noel Vaillancourt - who is in Longueuil - who honoured his son Sébastien Vaillancourt who is in the fourth contingeant; Catherine Saint-Martin (71-1) received her badge from her father; Assistand Director Michel Viau of SIM (ex 110-4) presented a badge to one of his friends, 40 year old Alain Morel, a firefighter who has realized a dream and shown its not too late to take up this trade; Chief André Beausoleil (138-2) presented a badge to his daughter Marie-Eve Beausoleil who is going in to prevention; Hugues Menard received his badge from his father M. Menard of station 65 in LaSalle. Hugues is in the 7th. contingeant.

Congratulations to all.

Everyone, close or not, wishes each one a good and stimulating career.

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