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New fireproofing company

Photos and Text by Sylvain Ryan
Translation from French by James R. Hay

Fireproofing: The chemical protectiive treatment which transforms a material from inflammable to ininflammable or hard to burn and which consists of surrounding textile fibres or modifying them chemically with a fireproofing product.

For the past eight years JD International has played an important role in the theatre world in North America. Convention halls, theatres and movie theatres are but a part of their field.

The company sells more han 50,000 metres of material annually, a good part coming from Europe fireproofed to their standards.

A big lack of understanding concerning Canadian, as well as American, codes and standards has been seen and the company has taken the necessary steps to fill this information gap related to their field.

The company is sharing this information with clients across various different organisations.

Jointly with other companies across Canada they are working to inform different sectors of the materials available to fill their needs to make halls and events safe.

A new company, dedicated 100% to fireproofing, is being announced.

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