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Fire Prevention Week

Text and photos by Stéphane Trottier
Translation from French by James R. Hay

The Service incendie Ste-Justine-de-Newton visited the primary school to help fulfil their fire prevention programme.

Thursday, October 12, firefighters proceded with an evacuation of the school and several fire prevention reminders were given. On Friday October 20 it was the childrens’ turn to visit the fire station. The director, firefighter Annick Campeau and firefighter Martin Courcy were present for the day.

The students had the chance to see the department’s new pump. Several even had the opportunity for a ride in the vehicle. They saw a video and more prevention tips as well as seeing the firefighters’ equipment. Several also tried on the bunker suits and breathing apparatus.

This all took place thanks to the principal of the school as well as the teachers not to forget the abovementioned firefighters and firefighter Patrick St-Onge.

A big thank-you to all for our children.

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