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2007-10-01 - Montreal, QC:
Fire in the roof of the former Imperial Tobacco plant in Montreal which is being converted to condominuims.

2007-09-29 - St-Paul-L'Ile-aux-Noix, QC:
A local property owner donated a house for a practice burn.

2007-09-03 - Montreal, QC:
Two alarm fire in sheds behind 1806 Notre-Dame W. in Montreal

2007-07-03 - Napierville, QC:
Fire in a garage in Napierville, QC

2007-06-13 - Montreal, QC:
Third alarm fire at 8917 Levis-Sauvè in the Borough of LaSalle in Montreal.

2007-05-05 - Montreal, QC:
Fifth alarm fire in an empty church building on St-Jacques St.

2007-03-28 - Montreal, QC:
Two alarm fire at Corona Theatre, 2490 Notre-Dame St. W.

2007-03-02 - Montreal, QC:
Five alarm fire destroys car dealership service shop in Verdun Borough.

2007-02-08 - Montreal, QC:
Fifth alarm fire at 5981 Bannantyne in the Verdun Borough of Montreal

2007-01-19 - Montreal, QC:
Four alarm fire in Montreal's Chinatown


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