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Peru, NY - 2003-05-19

Photos by Mark Bindman (www.firebuff-montreal.com)

On June 8, 2003 Mark Bindman, of Montreal, visited the Peru, N.Y. Fire Department and submitted the photos below.

Engine 273 Pumper/Tanker 274 Engine 272
Engine 273 1994 Pierce Lance 1500 gpm/1200 gal. Pumper/Tanker 274, 2000 ALF Freightliner 1500 gpm/3000 gal. Engine 272, 1988 Pierce Lance, 1250 gpm/1250 gal.
Lafrance Brockway Brush 278 Brush Truck
Antique Lafrance Brockway Brush 278, Home-built unit This black brush truck is one of a pair of identical twins
Jeep Brush Truck Rescue Ambulance 277
Jeep Brush Truck Rescue, Ford F550/Horton Ambulance 277
  Peru Station  
  Peru Station  

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