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2004 Brampton Firefighters Calendar
The 2004 Brampton Firefighters Calender is now available. The calendar is sold to support local charities in Brampton, Ontario.

Calendrier des Pompiers 2004:
The 2004 Calendier des Pompiers is available from the Fondation des Pompiers du Québec pour les Grands Brulées

Canadian Female Firefighter Calendar:
Place your order for the 2004 edition of the Canadian Female Firefighters Calendar.  Revenues from the sale of the calendar go to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and Risk Watch

FireFit Canada 2004 Calendar:
Place your order for the 2004 edition of the FireFit Canada 2004 Calendar.

2005 Fund Raising Calendar
The 2005 Fund Raising Calendar will be available in September.  This calendar represents a first in that it is a complete calender with female firefighters and a complete calendar with male firefighters. It is sold in batches of 100 for departments to use for fundraising and will be available in time for the September to December Christmas and calendar sales season.

2004 Toronto Firefighters Calendar
The 2004 Toronto Firefighters Calendar is now availableProceeds from the sale of this calender support a number of Toronto area charities including the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation and the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.  The calendar is available at The Bay across Canada or online

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