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Forest and Wild Fire

Forest or wild fires are of particular concern during the hot dry periods during the summer months.  These fires affect us all in one way or another since they hurt the forestry industry, displace wildlife and can even affect our weather. The Canadian Forest Service produces weekly summaries of the fires across Canada while daily situation reports are available from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre.  The Global Fire Monitoring Centre keeps an eye on the fire situation internationally. 

Current Fire Situation Reports
British Columbia

Fire Risk Reports
British Columbia Manitoba
New Brunswick Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

The Canadian Forest Serviceoffers an explanation of the Canadian Fire Weather Index system and the Canadian Forest Fire Behaviour Prediction System.

Organizations Doing Forest and Wildfire Research
Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre
Fire Management Systems Laboratory
Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada
Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact
Wildland Fire Operations Research Centre

Agencies Responsible for Fighting Forest and Wildfires
Alberta Alberta Forest Protection
British Columbia Ministry of Forests Protection Branch
Manitoba Manitoba Conservation Fire Program
Newfoundland and Labrador Forest Resources
Nova Scotia Forest Protection
Northwest Territories Forest Management Division
Ontario Aviation and Forest Fire Management Branch
Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture and Forestry
Québec Société de Protection des Forêts Contre le Feu
Saskatchewan Société de Protection des Forêts Contre le Feu

Companies Offering Services and/or equipment for fighting Forest or Wildfires
Bombardier Aerospace
Flying Tankers Inc.
Forest Protection Limited

Forest and Wildland Firefighting Magazines
Wildfire News
Wildland Firefighter

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